Cerebral Permutation

by Timeless Wounds

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ds_Lio This song feeding all earthquakes Favorite track: The Hive.
The Goon
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The Goon Not my usual fare, but this is too fun to pass up. I usually despise anything that falls into "brutal slam" or "metalcore" territory, but this strikes a nice balance. All low end and death metal growl; none of the douche-bagery. "Heavy" doesn't really do this justice.
ghostcore thumbnail
ghostcore yeah great job! love this one! please dont change youre style!
TheChairman thumbnail
TheChairman This album is absoultely stellar. I can tell that there was some serious emotion that went behind the power that is quite explosive in this. Lots of low end, very brutal, if you don't like deathcore, down tempo, death metal, slam, doom, or old school death metal, you probably won't like this. I personally got lucky to find this by complete accident. Great release. Favorite track: I Walk The Void.
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released July 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Timeless Wounds Sofia, Bulgaria

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Track Name: Intro
I am the light
I am the way
I am eternal
I am decay
Track Name: The Hive
keep bleeding
over these remains
broken nails on the surface carry the curse
keep digging, bury yourself
skin over bones, itching from friction

dust to dust, only silence remains

the hive is calling
the hive is calling for you
inside we're crawling
absolving your rotten remains

thy flesh consumed, fuels my mind
endlessly with teeth we grind

we grind

hear the mourning cries

soil and stone over your resting place
end of life, existence - erase
food for slugs, part of the swarm
useless body that slowly deforms

no slang drawn from your lungs
never again to speak in tongues
silenced forever with axe to the head
shedding your skin so we can be fed

hear the mourning cries

keep digging, bury yourself
skin over bones, itching from friction
Track Name: Disciples Of The East
Disciples of the east
Your flesh is our feast
Wicked offspring of a beast
Brood of unrighteous priest
Gather before me

Truth is born in the age of lies
Through your false faith you meet your demise
Spawned and raised by the cognitive flame
Throne of maggots and blood is their claim
Chaos reigns to establish the order
Sanity fused with mental disorder
This world is swallowed by the sick
Like the plague that was spread by a tick

Spread by a tick
Impaled on a stick
Lamenting the past
Nothing was made to last

We roam the desolation
Disgraceful incarnations

I hear that voice again
Rejecting my salvation
Born in this world just to serve, just a slave
Loyal to vicious unholy conclave
His promise and word he already gave
So he can be brought back from the grave
Track Name: Cerebral Permutation
my nightmare awakens
my body's reborn
in lakes of organic sludge
my mind sickens with grudge
aborted conceptions
of rituals grim
imposing my will
imposing my vision

burn the psalm of Iscariot
false prophet misguided by greed
I offer myself
your promises beacon

shape-shifting disgrace
of what was a man
empowered and part of the clan

cerebral permutation
satanic invocation
like moth to a flame
forever remember my shame

the candles were lit
the circle was set
these words have been spoken
my life, my regret
i give them my flesh
and rest on the noose
demonic rebirth
and eternal abuse

remember my shame
Track Name: Salt And Sanctuary
it's time to
push it to the point of no return
timeless wounds
we sentence you to burn
bow down
the heretics return
salt and sanctuary in the urn

salt and sanctuary in the urn

nail you to the cross
with your head upside down
cut off your scalp
and wear it as a crown
vomit leeches on top of your lesions
infection spreads
your ache - my addiction
i am relentless
i know no defeat
i'll hunt you in your dreams as if you live
on fucking elm street
through thick and thin
through this hate and ordeal
reconsecration of the seventh seal

whoever thought that this is over
we've only just began
abandon hopes and dreams
we carry pestilence

put you in the ground just to dig you again
thousand prayers whispered in vain
beyond your death
in my veins
the blood of Seth
Track Name: It Never Rains In Hell
days washed away from my memories
rejoice, my child
walk away with the knowledge of dozens
stuff my face with your hunger and thirst

beacuse it never...
it never rains in hell

still stuck with the same savage frustration, eating me
eating me alive from the inside out, turn it out
skin turning into dust
bloodlust burried in rust under this putrid crust
words scattered like spiders
final gospel, dying womb

noone was there to give me a hand
suffocation - the bitter end

bloodlust burried in rust under this putrid crust

and then it goes again
it never rains, it never rains in hell
bloodlust burried in rust
Track Name: The Overmind
these blades have become a conviction
strip the meat off my bones
in his nest of plague
the overmind sees through us all

at the gate of aeons

steering the nails of affliction
through the eyeless sockets of imps
mindless puppets of thorn and ache
in the vacuum and terror of hell

neverending torture
never to see the light

grinding teeth will break at his presence
misery be spread like a vail
emperor, open the black gate
misantrophy shall prevail
Track Name: Savior
i saw it, i feel it
the end of time and matter
full on throttle assault on the sane
no remorse, existence in vain
with my mind slowly slipping away
empty weeks ending day by day
i met it there in the dark
my salvation, the unholy ark

soil the mind of the sheep with lies
watch them kneel, horror in their eyes
spill their guts on the beak of the vulture
throw their eyeballs and hearts in the multure

throw their eyeballs and hearts
chopped to pieces, hundreds of parts

guide me through the depths of life
bless my kingdom with your sorrow
your word is the word of God
be my guardian angel
i want to taste the vile
prometheus, savior
give your life for the trecherous flame
Track Name: I Walk The Void
embraced by the dark
in cradle of sin and disease
i stray from the path
of righteous retribution
my soul is in chains
engulfed by the fires of time
my sick imperfection
is my own creation

i walk the void, empty and cold

in the vastness of this desolation
in the eyes of the worms
the scent of despair, abiding torment
through the length of everlasting pain
there's nothing left in the harvest for progress
except thy misery
unavoidable, the end of life and flesh
spoiled by the soil

driven by hatred eternal
against the order
i enlightened thy sons and daughters
in knowledge and sin

sin, in the eyes of the worms
the eyes of the worms
sin, in abiding torment


poison every memory worthy of hope
hope is unnatural in my domain
throw away every morbid emotion
grief is your only remaining touch with humanity

i walk the void
i walk the void